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The Startup Due Diligence Checklist

Most startup founders (especially first-timers) approach funding without really understanding the process. While all startups work really, really hard to make a difference, very few focus on becoming fundable. It is important for founders to focus on building out all areas of their company and not just a beautifully designed hollow slide-deck & a great elevator pitch. Almost all VC firms and some super-angels have inhouse due- diligence teams or consultants that systematically comb through a new investment opportunity.

Most due-diligence consultants have their own playbook by which they operate – a checklist of sorts – to ensure they do not miss out on any crucial areas of the business. It is such a playbook that we would like to present to you through this book. We cover the different areas of a business that we look into such as business model & strategy, product management, technology, customer support process, marketing & sales. By sharing with you common questions that we ask when doing due-diligence ourselves, we hope to shed light on this process and provide you with a framework on how to build an investible company, regardless of whether you will continue to be bootstrapped or have already raised a round previously.

Est. completion date: 30 July 2016

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